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Fabuluss Fashun

Dis Monday Linda n I wuh guest stylists on dat TV show ‘Fabulous Fashion’ wit Angie Mornington, who is a fellow Brooklynite y’know. We tawked about awl ah favorite accessories and how to keep lookin good. You ‘kin watch da show hee-uh and down below we got ah outfits and the Style Notes for what we were wearin’.

Gina & Linda

Wut Gina’s wearin’ –

Skin: Skin: Jolie Olive – CatsEyes RedLips, by Dutch Touch
Hair: Tamara – Crow, by Truth
Dress: Boudoir – Heartache Black, by Plastik
Fur Wrap: Dark Fur Stole – V, by Paper Couture
Earrings: Camboo Bamboo Earrings – Silver, by Kimberly Casanova
Bracelets: Glitz Bangle Combo – Assorted 17, by Armidi [Armidi Gisaci]
Hair Flower: Love Me or Not – Black, by LG Concept
Shoes: Pumps Alisa – Leopard, by Kitties Lair

Wut Linda’s wearin’ –

Skin: Tan Teeth Gap – Oranges and Apples, by Nylon Outfitters
Hair: Carrie – Emo Black, by fri.day
Dress: String Dress – Black, by This is a Fawn
Necklace: Silver Beads, by Paper Couture
Earrings: Gold Bamboomerangs – Zebra, by Kimberly Casanova
Belt: Wide Waist Belt – Fruitpunch, by fri.day
Glasses: Feline Shades – Neutral, by epoque
Shoes: Absolute Boots – Black, by Tesla


Cawl Cousin Jimmy

EYY, It’s me, Linda! We’s goin’ to Manhattan today tuh do some shoppin’ n’sight seein’ n’shit.  Gina didn’t feel like comin’ wit’ me so I UH CAWS Cawlled Cousin Jimmy.  He’s got dat great style n’shit so weeuh gawnna give ya some tips awn how tuh dress when yawr in Manhattan.

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