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Papuh Leaves on Brooklyn Trees

So anyways, I says ta him- “AH YOU SERIOUS? I GOT THREE UH DESE IN DUH TRUNK!!” -OH. Oh my god, LINDA LOOK. LOOK WHO IT IS! Well how YOU doin? Yeh, Linda n I got a place in da city, we ain’t been around Brooklyn much. What ah we doin here? Eh, just reminiscin n stuff, y’know? Awh, you still lookin faw tips? After awl this? Awlright, hun, HOW ABOUT DIS?

Gina’s Tips

EYYY OKAY. So first awf, if you haven’t heard that Paper Cahtaw released a new collection, you must live under a rock, or ya husband ain’t lettin ya out no maw, MEANIN IT’S TIME TA GET A NEW ONE. Right so, them Lu sistahs really know how ta work a sewin machine, if ya know what I mean, and this set ain’t no disappointment. Linda went absolutely crazy when she saw awl dem patterns on EVERYTHING. ENOUGH TA MAKE A SISTAH WANNA CELEBRATE. AS AWLWAYS: NEVAH EVAH LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT YA HAIR DID N CURLED, CAPISCHE? Oh, awlso, I got my own lipstick color by Hawbelline, IT’S CALLED SCAHLET HOOKER RED. Here, HAVE A SAMPLE.

Wut Gina’s Wearin –

  • Skin – XaYa, by Dutch Touch (Iki Ikarus)
  • Hair – Marissa, by Truth (Truth Hawks)
  • Eyes – Charm Eyes, by L.Fauna (Launa Fauna)
  • Dress & Shrug – White Cheetah Mini, by Paper Couture (Ava Lu)
  • Ring – Moon Ring, by Paper Couture (Cora Lu)
  • Shoes – Suede Platform Pumps, by Paper Couture (Cici Vonderheide)

Poses by fri.day (Jumah Monday) and skin&bones (Dot Chaffe)

Linda’s Tips

EYYYY HOWS YOU???  I ain’t seen ya faw a while!!  Oh me?  I’m wundufawl!  Oh yeh, you heard about dat?  Yeh I went tuh rehab, you know like dat Lindsay Lohaaannn did.  Yehhh, I’m a totally changed gal, ya kno??  I ain’t been drinkin cuz uh dis damn SCRAM bracelet.  I heard dat if it goes awf, deys gonna send me back tuh jail!  I just can’t wait tuh get dis shit awffa me, dat red wine’s cawllin’ my name.  ANYWAYS,  since I cant be spendin’ awlla my caaash on booze until NEXT month I decided I wud spend it awn some nice clothes.  And luckily faw me, PAPUH CATAW REALEASED A *NEW* COLLECTION. I HAD tuh buy da spotted suit because you know dat pattuhns ah a classic Linda look!

Wut Linda’s Wearin –

  • Skin – Apples and Oranges, by Nylon Outfitters (Nylon Pinkney)
  • Hair – Alejandro, by Epoque (Vintage McMillan)
  • Eyes – Charm Eyes, by L.Fauna (Launa Fauna)
  • Suit & Belt – Spotted Suit, by Paper Couture (Ava Lu)
  • Shoes – Pow Pumps, by LeLutka (Minnu Palen)

Poses by skin&bones (Dot Chaffe)