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Cawl Cousin Jimmy

EYY, It’s me, Linda! We’s goin’ to Manhattan today tuh do some shoppin’ n’sight seein’ n’shit.  Gina didn’t feel like comin’ wit’ me so I UH CAWS Cawlled Cousin Jimmy.  He’s got dat great style n’shit so weeuh gawnna give ya some tips awn how tuh dress when yawr in Manhattan.

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Greetins frum Italy

Eyyyy! How ya doinnn! It’s me, Gina! And sendin ya some luv from one-uh my favorite places dat ain’t my kitchen. ITALY. Linda’s sick at home so I sent ‘er some pictures and she’s updatin’ fawr me and puttin up some tips. Now a’ caws, when ya in Italy ya can’t be dressin….. well…..

….Like dat. Ya gotta step it up! Here. You just sit back and we’ll take care of everying, capisce?

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Back in da Day

Back in da Day

Oh hey deh. Yeh, sorry we ain’t seen ya in awhile. We been helpin’ ah Aunt Brenda move outta ‘er house into a little condo in a uhh… “old people” community. We haven’t been able to help you out much because we been driving back n fawth ta Joisy. Dats where it is, I KNOW. JOISY. Anyway. So it looks like ya been doin pretty good. We found these old photos hee-uh ‘uh when we went to da Cyndi Lawpuh concuht in ’93. Maybe we can give ya some tips on dressin wit some style from last decade.

Awlright, awlright. We’ll give ya some tips.
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