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Da Joisey Shaw

EYYYYY. HOW YOU DOINNN. So ahm back frum Italy n shit, and MAN did I need to get back to my roots n shit at da Joisey Shaw.

…I AIN’T FRUM JOISEY. BUT. Dey sure do know how ta pahty it up like true guidos n shit. So Linda n I drove down to da shaw. We met up wit ah friend Uneeq who used to date one’a dem Yamasukis who run da Sushi bah down da cawnah. DEY TRYIN’ A PUT ME OUTTA BUSINESS N SHIT. Anyway. She said to really have a gud time we had ta get new names. So today, me n Linda ah GPow n Snickahssss. YEHHHH. *fistpump*

Hee-uh’s some Joisey shaw outfit tips faw ya!

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