Frum Russia wit Luv

Eyyyy. So Linda’s been in n outta rehab da past few months, so instead of waitin’ around for her, I decided to take matters inta my own hands n blog on my own. So here goes nuttin’.

So I was cruising around da Malibu Beach Mall and found dis great store called da ‘body co’. It’s got these great skins dat a perfect faw someone like me. Dey look a little older (cuz we awl no I ain’t no spring chicken no maw) and offer some FABULOUS makeups with awl these different options for multiple looks. This set ‘Bombshell’ is likee OOOO, WOWW, BAMMM, GINA’S IN DA HOUSE. Strong lips witta smokey eye. PERFECT for any time a’ day.

As faw da outfit. I took a trip ta Siberia lately and got awl kindsa inspired by da winter fashion. I found dis great fur bolero (mad from nothin’ but real fur) and a matchin’ hat to keep me warm. GOD FAW BID I go anywhere without a short dress on, so I picked up dis cute mini for my trip. I didn’t wanna get no dirty looks for havin ~exposed legs, so I threw on some thick nylons. To top it awl off, or bottom it awl in this case, I got these amazin’ combat style heels. They’re absolutely perfect n bring out da TRUE Brooklynite in me.

Wut Gina’s Wearin’ –

  • Skin – Sage (T03) / Base, by the body co. (Emma Gilmour)
  • Hair – Adele / Crow, by Truth (Truth Hawks)
  • Makeup – Cosmetics / Sage (T03)  Bombshell – Flirty, by the body co. (Emma Gilmour)
  • Lashes – 2011 Lashes / Long, by LeLutka (Thora Charron)
  • Dress – Strapped Bustier Dress / Black & Taupe, by Epoque (Vintage McMillan)
  • Bolero – Irinushka Bolero / Warm, by LeLutka (Thora Charron)
  • Hat – Anzhelina Hat / Warm, by LeLutka (Thora Charron)
  • Shoes – Shearling Boots / Bistre, by Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle)
  • Tights – Allure Tights / Neutral 03, by Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle)
  • Gloves – Put Em Up Gloves / Fawn, by Royal Blue (Marni Grut)

Papuh Leaves on Brooklyn Trees

So anyways, I says ta him- “AH YOU SERIOUS? I GOT THREE UH DESE IN DUH TRUNK!!” -OH. Oh my god, LINDA LOOK. LOOK WHO IT IS! Well how YOU doin? Yeh, Linda n I got a place in da city, we ain’t been around Brooklyn much. What ah we doin here? Eh, just reminiscin n stuff, y’know? Awh, you still lookin faw tips? After awl this? Awlright, hun, HOW ABOUT DIS?

Gina’s Tips

EYYY OKAY. So first awf, if you haven’t heard that Paper Cahtaw released a new collection, you must live under a rock, or ya husband ain’t lettin ya out no maw, MEANIN IT’S TIME TA GET A NEW ONE. Right so, them Lu sistahs really know how ta work a sewin machine, if ya know what I mean, and this set ain’t no disappointment. Linda went absolutely crazy when she saw awl dem patterns on EVERYTHING. ENOUGH TA MAKE A SISTAH WANNA CELEBRATE. AS AWLWAYS: NEVAH EVAH LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT YA HAIR DID N CURLED, CAPISCHE? Oh, awlso, I got my own lipstick color by Hawbelline, IT’S CALLED SCAHLET HOOKER RED. Here, HAVE A SAMPLE.

Wut Gina’s Wearin –

  • Skin – XaYa, by Dutch Touch (Iki Ikarus)
  • Hair – Marissa, by Truth (Truth Hawks)
  • Eyes – Charm Eyes, by L.Fauna (Launa Fauna)
  • Dress & Shrug – White Cheetah Mini, by Paper Couture (Ava Lu)
  • Ring – Moon Ring, by Paper Couture (Cora Lu)
  • Shoes – Suede Platform Pumps, by Paper Couture (Cici Vonderheide)

Poses by (Jumah Monday) and skin&bones (Dot Chaffe)

Linda’s Tips

EYYYY HOWS YOU???  I ain’t seen ya faw a while!!  Oh me?  I’m wundufawl!  Oh yeh, you heard about dat?  Yeh I went tuh rehab, you know like dat Lindsay Lohaaannn did.  Yehhh, I’m a totally changed gal, ya kno??  I ain’t been drinkin cuz uh dis damn SCRAM bracelet.  I heard dat if it goes awf, deys gonna send me back tuh jail!  I just can’t wait tuh get dis shit awffa me, dat red wine’s cawllin’ my name.  ANYWAYS,  since I cant be spendin’ awlla my caaash on booze until NEXT month I decided I wud spend it awn some nice clothes.  And luckily faw me, PAPUH CATAW REALEASED A *NEW* COLLECTION. I HAD tuh buy da spotted suit because you know dat pattuhns ah a classic Linda look!

Wut Linda’s Wearin –

  • Skin – Apples and Oranges, by Nylon Outfitters (Nylon Pinkney)
  • Hair – Alejandro, by Epoque (Vintage McMillan)
  • Eyes – Charm Eyes, by L.Fauna (Launa Fauna)
  • Suit & Belt – Spotted Suit, by Paper Couture (Ava Lu)
  • Shoes – Pow Pumps, by LeLutka (Minnu Palen)

Poses by skin&bones (Dot Chaffe)

Fabuluss Fashun

Dis Monday Linda n I wuh guest stylists on dat TV show ‘Fabulous Fashion’ wit Angie Mornington, who is a fellow Brooklynite y’know. We tawked about awl ah favorite accessories and how to keep lookin good. You ‘kin watch da show hee-uh and down below we got ah outfits and the Style Notes for what we were wearin’.

Gina & Linda

Wut Gina’s wearin’ –

Skin: Skin: Jolie Olive – CatsEyes RedLips, by Dutch Touch
Hair: Tamara – Crow, by Truth
Dress: Boudoir – Heartache Black, by Plastik
Fur Wrap: Dark Fur Stole – V, by Paper Couture
Earrings: Camboo Bamboo Earrings – Silver, by Kimberly Casanova
Bracelets: Glitz Bangle Combo – Assorted 17, by Armidi [Armidi Gisaci]
Hair Flower: Love Me or Not – Black, by LG Concept
Shoes: Pumps Alisa – Leopard, by Kitties Lair

Wut Linda’s wearin’ –

Skin: Tan Teeth Gap – Oranges and Apples, by Nylon Outfitters
Hair: Carrie – Emo Black, by
Dress: String Dress – Black, by This is a Fawn
Necklace: Silver Beads, by Paper Couture
Earrings: Gold Bamboomerangs – Zebra, by Kimberly Casanova
Belt: Wide Waist Belt – Fruitpunch, by
Glasses: Feline Shades – Neutral, by epoque
Shoes: Absolute Boots – Black, by Tesla

Watch Gina & Linda on Fabulous Fashion Tomorrow!

Dats right! Tomorrow at 6pm SLT you ‘kin see me n Linda LIVE on Fabulous Fashion TV given yous guys sum tips on a few of ah favorite accessories.

Here’s a little preview of what we gonna be wearin’

You don’t wanna miss dis. Hope ta see ya there!

– Gina (& Linda)

One-uh Dohs Days

Eyyyy. How you doin? So it’s one-uh dem days hee-uh in Brooklyn. It’s awl snowy and rainy and messy outside and we don’t wanna do nuttin tuday. We figyud we’d show ya how ta dress down but still look gud, y’know?

Okay grab some cawfee, it’s gonna be a lawng day.

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Cawl Cousin Jimmy

EYY, It’s me, Linda! We’s goin’ to Manhattan today tuh do some shoppin’ n’sight seein’ n’shit.  Gina didn’t feel like comin’ wit’ me so I UH CAWS Cawlled Cousin Jimmy.  He’s got dat great style n’shit so weeuh gawnna give ya some tips awn how tuh dress when yawr in Manhattan.

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Da Joisey Shaw

EYYYYY. HOW YOU DOINNN. So ahm back frum Italy n shit, and MAN did I need to get back to my roots n shit at da Joisey Shaw.

…I AIN’T FRUM JOISEY. BUT. Dey sure do know how ta pahty it up like true guidos n shit. So Linda n I drove down to da shaw. We met up wit ah friend Uneeq who used to date one’a dem Yamasukis who run da Sushi bah down da cawnah. DEY TRYIN’ A PUT ME OUTTA BUSINESS N SHIT. Anyway. She said to really have a gud time we had ta get new names. So today, me n Linda ah GPow n Snickahssss. YEHHHH. *fistpump*

Hee-uh’s some Joisey shaw outfit tips faw ya!

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Greetins frum Italy

Eyyyy! How ya doinnn! It’s me, Gina! And sendin ya some luv from one-uh my favorite places dat ain’t my kitchen. ITALY. Linda’s sick at home so I sent ‘er some pictures and she’s updatin’ fawr me and puttin up some tips. Now a’ caws, when ya in Italy ya can’t be dressin….. well…..

….Like dat. Ya gotta step it up! Here. You just sit back and we’ll take care of everying, capisce?

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Tahdy to the Pahty

Oh maaaaan. I got one helluva hangovah. Eyy! It’s you! Linda n I heard you been tawkin bout ah tips. We got pretty populah and we was invited to a big fancy pahty in da Hamptons n shit. It was real nice.

Wut’d we weh? PAPUH CATAW AH CAWS (Paper Couture). Deys new collection is pretty gawgeous, and dis one I had on showed off my bubbies real great n shit. OH you wanna see pichas? Ahm sure I got a few around hee-uh somewheh. I’ll tell ya awl about da outfits, too.

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EYYYY!! How ya doin! Ain’t seen ya in awhile. WAT. YA TOO GOOD FAW US NOW? I’m just kiddin’ wit ya. Anyway, ain’t you a little too ol’ faw trick ‘uh treatin’? Oh ya goin to a paahty latuh…. Well, I hope ya changin’ ya cahstume buhfaw ya go.


Whadda ya MEAN dats da best ya got? Okay okay we’ll tell ya how ta look hot but still have a uhhh “cahstume…” Awlright? Awlright.

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